Meet The Team.

"When you hand good people possibility, they do great things."

Josh Kelly.


Sporting Hero: Ross Edgley
Favourite Actor: Tom Hardy
Favourite Films: Pulp Fiction
Favourite Song: Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

Josh was HartleyCo’s first ever member of staff and prides himself on being the hardest working man he knows.

Josh has five years of experience recruiting in the Cloud and Infrastructure market. What he doesn’t know about recruiting in this space isn’t worth knowing.

Outside of work, Josh is incredibly passionate about self-development, personal fitness and watching his beloved Chelsea FC.

Edward Temporal-Hughes.


Sporting Hero: Tiger Woods
Favourite Actor: Idris Elba
Favourite Films: Jurassic Park / The Gentleman / Pretty Woman / Elf
Favourite Song: That’s Entertainment - The Jam

Ed is the founder of HartleyCo and day-to-day is still a hands-on recruiter, focussing on the Development sphere.

Ed’s role is that of a coach and mentor to recruiters coming through the business and also leading the delivery of a best in class service to our clients.

Outside of work you will find Ed on the golf course or enjoying spending time with his beautiful daughters and partner.

Chris Evans.


Sporting Hero: Alan Lee
Favourite Actor: Tom Hanks
Favourite Films: Catch me if you Can
Favourite Song: If I Can Dream - Elvis

Interestingly, Chris & Ed met at the tender age of four years old, they used to get the bus to infant school together. Yes, at four years old.

Chris looks after the Corporate Finance market. He studied Biomedical Science at University and whilst he doesn't stop banging on about it, his scientific background does mean he has an Analytical and Logical approach which is perfect for this market.

Chris has a real interest in comedy & has even written material for his friends on the circuit. He’s also a huge fan of Ipswich Football Club, whose League performance since 2002 is incidentally the longest-running joke Chris has ever been party to.

Marcus Annibal.


Sporting Hero: Michael Jordan
Favourite Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio
Favourite Films: Django or any Tarantino movie
Favourite Song: The Cure & The Cause Dennis Ferrer

Marcus joins HartleyCo with some of the highest levels of customer service skills around. So when dealing with Marcus expect a great experience as standard, regardless of whether you're a candidate or a client.

Marcus's background is from within the hospitality industry, and he translates what he developed in that sphere into recruitment. This means in a world where brand reputation and candidate experience are so important, entrusting Marcus with your hiring is probably the most important decision you'll make.  

Day to day at HartleyCo, Marcus lives and breathes all things Frontend Development in London and will be your go-to for Javascript-based candidates and job opportunities.

Charlie Coughlan.


Sporting Hero: Kalvin Phillips
Favourite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Favourite Films: Toy Story, Get Out, Flight, The Pursuit of Happiness.
Favourite Song: Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

Charlie is an incredibly smart young man who has recently graduated from Bournemouth University with a First Class Honours degree in Business with Human Resources and Personnel Administration. 

Following a degree focussing on the HR & Personnel Administration side of Business, Charlie is well studied in the challenges our clients have in onboarding. This means he can guide them through the process and make their lives easier when it comes to recruitment.

Charlie is a fantastic sportsman and has played football to an elite level growing up. Charlie is a big Leeds Utd fan and has supported them from "before they were cool". However, nowadays due to Charlie's old age, he has now swapped his football boots for cycling cleats.

Olivia Coles.


Sporting Hero: Serena Williams
Favourite Actor: Keanu Reeves
Favourite Films: Point Break, Hancock, Top Gun (Original)
Favourite Song: Crazy Love - MJ Cole

Liv is the Product & UX/UI extraordinaire, what she brings to the market is a fully immersed attitude, wealth of on the button market knowledge and amazing personality.

Liv is known affectionatley among the team as the Snack Queen and whilst she's not got shares in Walker's or the Peperami enterprise, it does seem like she's trying to buy her way in.

Coming from a background in elite Dance Liv knows what hard work looks like, and that is reflective in her work. If you hire in the Product space, please get in touch to find out more.